Everlark Freaky Friday

First thing I’ve written in weeks! 

NSFW drabble & gif after the jump! Enjoy! :)


It’s way too hot out.

Katniss doesn’t make it even halfway to the lake before she decides to turn around and head back.

She’s tired and achy and has an itch she needs to scratch.

The children are at school and she should be using this time to have a moment alone with her husband.

She sneaks into the bakery from the backdoor and finds him at his desk in the back room. She closes and locks the door before dropping to her knees and taking him in her mouth.

He groans and buries his hands in her hair and watches with adoration as she sucks his cock. He comes in her mouth and he is still in a daze of euphoria when she tells him he needs to meet her at home for an extended lunch break.

When he gets home she is in their bed, dressed in a loose tank top and soft cotton shorts. She isn’t wearing a bra or underwear. He closes the door behind him and feels his cock swell. 

She’s already fingering herself.

He peels the white t-shirt from his chest, drenched from his sweat and throws it aside. When he steps out of his pants and underwear he crawls onto the bed between her legs and pulls her hand away from her clit.

She makes a whining noise of protest but when he spreads her legs apart and holds them down she moans, pushing her hips up towards him, straining for him to fill her with his cock.

He takes himself in his hand and pushes her shorts aside, not patient enough to take the time to remove them. He slaps the head of his dick against her clit and she starts rocking her hips in circular motions, murmuring his name.

"You want my cock, don’t you?" 

She cries out and thrusts her hips up towards him again.

He slams into her roughly and they both groan in ecstasy. There is nothing gentle or sweet about their coupling.

He fucks her. Hard.

He pounds into her over and over again until their both grunting and moaning and desperately chasing after their release. She clutches at his ass, pulling him towards her like he can fill her up even deeper, harder, faster. He wraps his hands under her arms and holds onto her shoulders, keeping her body in place as he drives into her relentlessly.

Her heels dig into the back of his legs as she comes with a shout, clenching around him. He pulls almost all the way out at that moment and then resumes his hectic pace again.

When his hand snakes down to find her clit she cries out and clutches at him, torn between pushing him away and urging him on, unsure if her sensitive nerves can handle the continued onslaught of pleasure.

"You fucking want it," he growls into her ear, his thumb pressing down and circling the bundle of nerves and she is nearly delirious. 

"I want to see my wife come again," he pants as his hips start jerking erratically.

And when she screams and tenses around him again he finds his release and spills into her. 

He collapses against her and they are a trembling, sweaty, satiated mess. And they would curl up in each other’s arms like they always do after making love except for one thing.

It’s way too hot out.

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